Komeito Manifesto for the Lower House election

November 27, 2014


Core policies (headlines only - details are available in Japanese at: Manifesto 2014 )


Ⅰ Robust economic growth through the revitalization of regional communities

1. Introduction of reduced consumption tax rates on basic grocery items

2.Boosting family income through the positive cycle of increased wages and greater consumer spending
(i) Aid for medium- and lower-income families
(ii)Greater efforts toward wage raises and expanding regular employment among young people

3. Measures against energy price hike
(i) Lessening burdens of energy costs on communities in very cold and/or underpopulated regions, and on medical and welfare institutions
(ii) Aid for agricultural, forestry, fishing, transportation and other fuel-dependent industries
(iii) Reinforcing measures on energy saving and on expanding renewable energy

4. Aid for small- and medium-sized businesses
(i) Aid for small- and medium-sized businesses as the driving force in environmental, energy, health care and nursing sectors
(ii) Reinforcing aid for cash flow management
(iii) Aid for developing marketing channels and ensuring sufficient human resources
(iv) Aid for developing overseas markets for very small, small- and medium-sized businesses

5. Aid for creating more opportunities for women and young people
(i) Aid for creating more opportunities for women
(ii) Aid for creating more opportunities for young people

6. Strategy for sustainable economic growth
(i) Developing the energy and environmental sector
(ii) Developing the health care and nursing sector
(iii) Strategizing for agricultural, forestry and fishing industries
(iv) Developing culture, arts, sports and tourism
(v) Developing the robotics industry

7. Fostering attractive communities
(i) Formulation and reliable implementation of long-term vision and comprehensive strategy
(ii) Ensuring employment in communities
(iii) Promoting migration from urban to regional/rural areas
(iv) Promoting decentralization of administrative functions and corporate headquarters
(v) Developing compact cities with public transportation networks
(vi) Reliable implementation of measures concerning unoccupied houses
(vii) Aid for non-profit organizations and social businesses

Ⅱ Toward a society based on the dignity of the individual: Development of social security and education

1. Expanding childcare support
(i) Zero waiting list for day-care centers for children
(ii) Promoting free pre-school education

2. Establishing a secure health care and nursing system for senior citizens
(i) Building a comprehensive care system in the community
(ii) Reinforcing measures against cancer
(iii) Measures to improve care for incurable disease patients
(iv) Promoting and ensuring the safety of regenerative medicine
(v) Promoting measures against infectious diseases
(vi) Reinforcing measures against illegal and "dangerous" drugs

3. Reinforcing the pension system
(i) Additional pension for lower-income earners
(ii) Expanding eligibility for employees' pensions

4. Improving disability welfare and reinforcing safety nets
(i) Improving welfare for persons with disability
(ii) Supporting the poor and needy

5. Ensuring dependability and high quality in education
(i) Promoting new curricula and educational schemes
(ii) Measures against bullying and non-attendance
(iii) Expanding scholarships
(iv) Aid for children with disabilities
(v) Creating diverse educational opportunities
(vi) Structural reinforcement of school buildings against earthquakes

Ⅲ Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake and measures for disaster prevention and reduction

1. Accelerating recovery from the 2011 earthquake and revitalizing Fukushima Prefecture
(i) Accelerating recovery from the 2011 earthquake
(ii) Revitalizing Fukushima Prefecture and promoting the "Innovation Coast" plan
(iii) Recovery from the nuclear plant disaster: decontamination, nuclear decommissioning and radioactive water control at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant
(iv) Improving psychological care for the affected and risk communication
(v) Developing agricultural, forestry, fishing and other industries in the affected areas

2. Promoting disaster prevention and reduction to prepare for mega-disaster
(i) Measures against mega-quakes in Tokyo, the Nankai Trough area, etc.
(ii) Disaster preparedness through repairing aging infrastructure
(iii) Measures against community disasters such as localized torrential rain
(iv) Reliable implementation of community disaster prevention plans and promotion of disaster prevention education

Ⅳ Bold political, administrative and financial reform

1. Lowering the voting age to 18 from the Upper House election in 2016

2. Greater financial accountability for politicians under a reformed Political Funds Control Act

3. Reform of public-sector accounting and transparency of public finances
(i) Reform of public-sector accounting
(ii) Reform of independent administrative corporations

4. Improving and streamlining administrative services of the Government

Ⅴ Diplomatic relations for stable peace and prosperity

1. Improving relations with China and South Korea
(i) Rebuilding Japan-China relations and further developing a "Mutually Beneficial Relationship Based on Common Strategic Interests"
(ii) Building future-oriented Japan-South Korea relations

2. Promoting economic partnerships and strategic diplomacy for natural resources
(i) Promoting economic partnership agreements
(ii) Promoting strategic diplomacy to secure natural resources

3. Contributing to a peaceful world through nuclear disarmament and human security
(i) Promoting nuclear disarmament toward a zero-nuclear world
(ii) Promoting human security

Komeito's priorities regarding crucial political issues facing Japan

1. Economic and fiscal management strategy and fiscal consolidation
2. Transition to a society free of nuclear power
3. Achieving electoral system reform
4. Adding new articles to the Constitution rather than revising it
5. Security-related legislation and the Guidelines for Japan-U.S. Defense Cooperation
6. Policy toward North Korea: abductions and other issues
7. Reforming the Japan Agricultural Cooperatives and Agricultural Commissions
8. Territorial disputes and peaceful resolution