Komeito pushes for political reform law revisions

January 30 , 2024

On January 29, Komeito’s House of Representatives member Yasuhiro Nakagawa and House of Councilor member Masaaki Taniai pushed the government to revise the Political Funds Control Law. Their call—which were made separately in each chamber of parliament—came after public prosecutors began investigating members of various factions of the Liberal Democratic Party over illegal kickbacks resulting from sales of so-called “party tickets” fundraisers.

Referring to a Komeito initiative proposed on January 18, Nakagawa said the so-called “collective guilt” clause in which legislators would also be held liable monetarily for similar transgressions made by their respective political support organizations, should prove a highly effective deterrent to future illegalities. He further called for a nonpartisan inquiry into ways to make transparent parliamentary allowances paid monthly ostensibly for policy research, public information and travel expenses.

Meanwhile, Taniai proposed that an independent state agency be established along the lines of the US Federal Election Commission to enhance transparency of parliamentarian income and ensure compliance with existing laws and regulations. To achieve this, he recommended that lawmaker income statements go digital and a database be created that would be open to public scrutiny.