Taniai attends TPNW meeting, says Japan must play big role in abolishing nuclear arms

November 29 , 2023

MP Masaaki Taniai

On November 29, Komeito Upper House secretary general Masaaki Taniai attended the Second Meeting of States Parties under the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons held in New York, where he shared with other parliamentarians around the world his party’s longstanding work opposing the threat and actual use of these weapons.

He cited the G7 Hiroshima summit held in May as being “highly significant” in that G7 leaders heard firsthand the horrors of the atomic bombing from those who survived (hibakusha). He then urged Japan—as the only country to suffer an atomic strike—to play a key role as an official observer to the Treaty, in help bridging the divide between states with and states without nuclear weapons.

Taniai also said Komeito endorses the creation of an international trust fund to support victim assistance or environmental remediation initiatives, adding that non-signatory governments of the Treaty as well as private organizations should be allowed to take part in the fund as well.