Komeito results for latest local election contest

April 25 , 2023

The second half of the 20th unified local government election campaign took place on Sunday, April 23, with 1,203 of 1,213 the candidates Komeito endorsed being voted into office. In its statement released on April 25, the party thanked its supporters for the hard-fought contest that resulted in a success rate of 99%, of which 39% were women.

For the first-half elections held on April 9, Komeito saw 340 candidates out of the 342 it fielded securing legislative seats. A total of 1,543 lawmakers from Komeito were elected in the two-part campaign, making the party the top seat-getter in eight consecutive contests.

One of the party’s core strengths is the nearly 3,000 local assembly legislators who serve to bettering their respective communities and the quality of life of their constituents. They also serve in a nationwide network identifying grassroots needs and issues, working closely with Komeito’s parliamentarians in creating timely and viable solutions.