Yamaguchi meets with South Korean President Yoon

January 8 , 2023

Yamaguchi and South Korean President Yook Suk Yeol met in Seoul on Dec. 29Yamaguchi and South Korean President Yook Suk Yeol met in Seoul on Dec. 29

Komeito Chief Representative Natsuo Yamaguchi met with President Yoon Suk Yeol of the Republic of Korea on December 29. Originally slated for 30 minutes, their meeting lasted for nearly 50 minutes as the two agreed to work together in searching for ways to improve bilateral relations as expeditiously as possible.

Interviewed by the party’s organ daily Komei Shimbun following his talk with the South Korean president, Yamaguchi described their meeting as “very friendly” and productive. He said the two not only spoke of developing closer ties, but also coordinating initiatives that would strengthen the national defense of both nations in the face of mounting security threats in the region. He added that bilateral cooperation would extend to further cultural exchanges as well.

Prior to their meeting, a Komeito delegation that accompanied Yamaguchi laid a wreath at the site where 159 people, including two Japanese, were killed in a horrific accident that occurred in the Itaewon district of Seoul during the Halloween festivities in October.

The Komeito delegation departed Seoul on December 31. Yamaguchi last visited South Korea in November 2017, when he met with President Moon Jae-in.