Komeito to send delegation to Eastern Europe to aid Ukrainian refugees

September 2 , 2022

Yamaguchi hopes to provide improved aid to Ukrainian refugeesYamaguchi hopes to provide improved aid to Ukrainian refugees

On September 1, Komeito Chief Secretary Natsuo Yamaguchi spoke before the party’s Chief Secretariat, reporting that Komeito will be dispatching a fact-finding mission to Poland, Mordovia and Romania to determine ways Japan can better provide humanitarian assistance to refugees from Ukraine. The mission will depart Japan on September 11 and return seven days later.

In addition to visiting refugee camps in the three countries, the Komeito mission members will meet with government officials hosting refugee camps and ascertain the activities of Japanese NGOs operating in the area. The mission will then report back to the Komeito leadership in order to develop an effective aid plan to propose to the Japanese government.

Yamaguchi also said Komeito will be using its network of national and local assembly members to offer the best possible assistance to the some 1,800 Ukrainians who have evacuated to Japan. The party is now lobbying the government to extend a program providing living expenses to Ukrainians refugees without relatives here, which was originally set to expire after six months.