Yamaguchi: Families should pay even less to educate their kids

December 24 , 2021

Yamaguchi spoke at a national conference of high schoolers on Dec. 23Yamaguchi (left) spoke at a national conference of high schoolers on Dec. 23

On December 23, Komeito Chief Representative Natsuo Yamaguchi took part in a national conference of high school students, which representatives from other political parties also attended. Noting that government outlays in support of families with children and their cost of education—despite increasing in recent years—still fall below the OECD average as a ratio of GDP, Yamaguchi said in his address that his party was committed to further reducing the burden on families paying for their children’s education.

Later that afternoon, Deputy Chief Representative Kazuo Kitagawa participated in a panel discussion organized by the conference, where he reiterated Komeito’s call to lower the age in which candidates are legally allowed to seek public office, saying such a move would enable young people greater participation in the political process. At present, the minimum age to become a House of Representatives member is 25 or older; for the House of Councilors, that age limit is 30 or older.