Komeito, LDP agree on daily rate on Diet members’ monthly allowance

December 22 , 2021

Komeito’s Ishii and LDP’s Motegi met on Dec. 21Komeito’s Ishii (far left) and LDP’s Motegi met on Dec. 21

On December 21, the secretary generals of the two coalition government parties agreed on a basic platform to pay out on a per-day basis the monthly allowance paid out to parliamentarians covering postage, communication, transport, and accommodation expenses. Citing the failure to reach a consensus with opposition parties, Toshimitsu Motegi of the Liberal Democratic Party and Keiichi Ishii of Komeito said the ruling parties found that an allowance system that includes public disclosure and return of the unused payment was acceptable.

Diet members are provided ¥1 million a month for the aforementioned expenses, even if they have only been elected to office for a single day—which caused a major public backlash when newly elected House of Representatives lawmakers were paid the full amount despite serving their term for just a single day.