Sasaki speaks at voter education symposium

July 15 , 2021

Sasaki at Tamagawa University symposium on Jul. 14Sasaki at Tamagawa University symposium on Jul. 14

Komeito House of Councilors member Sayaka Sasaki took part in a voter education symposium held by Tamagawa University in Machida City, Tokyo, on July 14. Legislators from other political parties also took part. Sasaki cited a number of policies that Komeito successfully lobbied the government into adopting, including a one-time payout of up to ¥200,000 for students in financial distress during the pandemic and Voice Action, a nationwide survey by the party’s Youth Committee in which more than 700,000 respondents took part. Voice Action was used as the basis for developing policies specifically addressed to the needs and concerns of young Japanese.