Yamaguchi: Optimize accelerated COVID vaccine rollout

April 28 , 2021

Yamaguchi seeks faster vaccine rollout to be accessible, efficientYamaguchi seeks faster vaccine rollout to be accessible, efficient (Apr. 27)

Komeito Chief Representative Natsuo Yamaguchi spoke to reporters on April 27 on the government’s decision to set up and expand the coronavirus vaccination rollout in Tokyo and Osaka. He said accessibility and efficiency were key, particularly to avoid confusion and uncertainty among those seeking to be vaccinated. He added that the vaccination of medical workers remained ongoing and that steps must be taken to expedite and conclude the effort as soon as possible.

Yamaguchi also said that it was imperative for Japan to build the infrastructure to develop domestic versions of the COVID vaccine based on the assumption that highly infectious pathogens are likely to emerge every few decades. He called on the government to step up its support enabling researchers and companies to develop, manufacture and supply vaccines as well as remove obstacles that thwart their rapid, widespread distribution while ensuring their safety.