Yamaguchi seeks smooth adoption of expanded COVID-19 testing regimen

September 2 , 2020

Yamaguchi spoke to the press on Sept. 1Yamaguchi spoke to the press on Sept. 1

Natsuo Yamaguchi, Komeito’s chief representative, told reporters on September 1 that with the onset of autumn, Japan needs to take steps to protect the elderly and those with other diseases from the coming influenza season. Citing the government’s move to set up a regimen to provide 200,000 antibody tests for COVID-19 per day, Yamaguchi said the simple test kits, although limited in reliability, would cast a broader net to ascertain the number of infected people—which should help the country regain a greater degree of normalcy in its socioeconomic activities. He added that the tests should be offered at a cost making it affordable to most citizens.