Yamaguchi: No changes to coalition post-Abe

August 29 , 2020

Yamaguchi speaking with reporters on PM Abe’s resignation on Aug. 28Yamaguchi speaking with reporters on PM Abe’s resignation on Aug. 28

On August 28, Komeito Chief Representative Natsuo Yamaguchi spoke with reporters regarding Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s decision to step down for health reasons. The two met just before the prime minister made his announcement.

Yamaguchi said he was shocked and disappointed that Abe was resigning, pointing to the prime minister’s term of office—which lasted for 92 months, a postwar record—was itself a major achievement in addition to the numerous policy successes enacted under his administration.

Yamaguchi underscored the fact that the Liberal Democratic Party-Komeito partnership in the coalition government would not be affected, with the two parties working closely together to resolve the many daunting challenges, led by the pandemic, that lie ahead.

Yamaguchi said that in their meeting, he told Abe that whatever unfinished policy issues he could no longer tackle, Komeito would see to it that they be addressed.