Yamaguchi: Finding housing for storm victims a priority

July 15 , 2020

Yamaguchi address Komeito’s storm response meeting on Jul. 14Yamaguchi address Komeito’s storm response meeting on Jul. 14

On July 14, Komeito Chief Representative Natsuo Yamaguchi addressed the party’s disaster rapid response group established to provide swift relief to the victims of the ongoing torrential rainstorms battering Japan, particularly Kyushu. He said state support was urgent in securing temporary housing for those displaced by the resultant flooding and providing financial assistance to stricken businesses. The government has already reported that farming losses in the disaster area have grown to 19.1 billion yen, with the damage expected to rise even further over time. Group members are calling for the rapid set up of prefabricated units to house victims while exploring measures to publicly fund firms hit by compound difficulties.