Party seeks to accelerate digitalization for gov’t and medical services

June 16 , 2020

Ishida and Takagi attend a digitalization board meeting on Jun. 15Ishida (with mic) and Takagi (green suit) attend a digitalization board meeting on Jun. 15

On June 15, the board on digitalization of Komeito agreed to fast-track discussions held at the party’s various committees on ways to further digitize the nation. Policy Research Council chair Noritoshi Ishida addressed the board, noting that the pandemic exposed many of the vulnerabilities of Japanese society and the challenges that lie before it. He added that the board should strive to have its vision of a digitized Japan reflected in public policy.

Board chair Michiyo Takagi, who is also a House of Representative member, expressed her intention of accelerating the digitalization of the entire range of social and medical services, as well as in the fields of education and government administration—all of which would be based first and foremost on the security of personal information.