Party calls for “post-pandemic” policy vision for Japan

June 11 , 2020

Yamaguchi spoke to the party’s digitalization board on Jun. 10Yamaguchi spoke to the party’s digitalization board on Jun. 10

On June 10, Komeito’s board on digitalization met to discuss relevant policy to guide the country in the wake of the pandemic. Chief Representative Natsuo Yamaguchi addressed the meeting, saying that it was vital for the party to envision initiatives, founded firmly on views and feedback from citizens and experts, for a “post-pandemic” era. Among the points raised was the need for a basic digital infrastructure that facilitates a low-risk, paperless society and further advances in remote work and education. The board also agreed that it was necessary to look beyond digitalization and develop measures across a broad spectrum of fields, including fiscal and social security management as well as education policy and foreign relations.