Yamaguchi: Review virus relief work commission for more transparency

June 10 , 2020

Yamaguchi spoke to reporters on Jun. 9Yamaguchi spoke to reporters on Jun. 9

On June 9, Komeito Chief Representative Natsuo Yamaguchi spoke with reporters regarding the controversy over the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s outsourcing of administrative services for a COVID-19 relief program to a private group. The move has drawn some concern as lacking in transparency. The program includes a hefty state relief outlay for smaller businesses.

Yamaguchi did say that the outsourcing to a commercial entity was “unavoidable” in light of the pandemic and the need for a speedy response to its economic impact, which has placed enormous strain on the national bureaucracy. He called for a thorough review of the outsourcing process and to publicize the government’s assessment necessitating the move.