Yamaguchi gives New Year’s address at top party organ meeting

January 6 , 2019

Yamaguchi spoke at Komeito’s New Year’s meeting held in Tokyo on Jan. 4Yamaguchi spoke at Komeito’s New Year’s meeting held in Tokyo on Jan. 4

On January 4, Komeito Chief Representative Natsuo Yamaguchi spoke at the party’s New Year’s meeting held in Tokyo. After pledging to triumph in the unified local elections in April and the House of Councilors election in the summer, Yamaguchi acknowledged Komeito’s success on a number of policy fronts, particularly in the realm of education and social security.

Referring to the planned increase in the consumption tax rate from 8% now to 10% in October this year, Yamaguchi cited Komeito’s efforts to direct the tax revenue generated to help offset spiraling social security costs and to fund meaningful policies, especially in the field of education. Among the latter’s enduring successes was to institute no-cost education for all children and making high school education—which is not mandatory in Japan—tuition-free.

Yamaguchi then turned to the reduced tax rate on daily necessities to mitigate the impact on the upcoming consumption tax hike, particularly for lower-income individuals and families. He added that his party would make every possible effort to ease the tax hit and reduced tax rate on small business owners. Komeito has been the principal advocate and driver to realize the measure, which should be instituted over the coming months.