Ending sexual harassment is a Komeito priority

June 9 , 2018

Minister Noda accepts Komeito’s proposal to end sexual harassment on Jun. 8Minister Noda (third from right) accepts Komeito’s proposal to end sexual harassment on Jun. 8

On June 8, leading Komeito members to facilitate women’s empowerment and halt sexual violence against and stalking of women, met with Seiko Noda, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, who is also in charge of empowering women in Japan. The Komeito legislators—led by House of Councillors member Kanae Yamamoto and Yoshinori Oguchi, House of Representatives member and the party’s Diet Affairs Committee chair—submitted a proposal urging the government to eradicate sexual harassment.

Komeito is calling on the government to work with the business community and media to expand awareness of business operators on ways to stamp out sexual harassment. These measures include corporate policies and programs to prevent sexual harassment and initiatives to protect the privacy of victims. The party is also seeking similar steps be taken by the civil service as well, given the escalating number of sexual harassment cases reported in ministries and state agencies.