Promoting cultural and artistic activities for the disabled

June 8 , 2018

On June 7, the Diet passed into law an initiative to promote cultural and artistic activities for challenged individuals. Legislators from the ruling coalition of the Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito as well as the opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, sponsored the bill. Komeito was a driving force behind its passage, having worked closely with persons with disabilities.

The law mandates national and local government support, including financial backing, as well as the drawing up of specific plans and programs by relevant ministries and local agencies.

Among the law’s objectives is to provide audio, written and sign language explanations for displayed artworks for people with disabilities to appreciate, while preparing facilities for easier accessibility. It also backs opportunities for the disabled to create and present cultural and artistic projects, identify those with high artistic value and safeguard their intellectual property rights, among other support measures.

Komeito began working on the bill’s framework, coordinating its effort with other political parties, from 2013. Promotion of culture and the arts is a cornerstone of the party’s basic policy agenda, along with facilitating the rights of the disabled and the broadening of their life choices.