Accelerating measures for those living on minimum pension

November 25 , 2017

Komeito’s Masuya at the health ministry committee meeting on Nov. 24Komeito’s Masuya at the health ministry committee meeting on Nov. 24

With ministries revising their budgets to account for the increase in tax revenues from the scheduled 10% rise in the consumption tax, Keigo Masuya, Komeito member of the House of Representatives, spoke at a committee meeting of the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry on November 24. She urged the ministry to “first keep the promises they made” by using the increase in tax revenue to provide additional monetary assistance to those living on minimum pension and to ease the burden of nursing costs for senior citizens. Health, Labor and Welfare Minister Katsuya Kato responded, saying they had no intention of changing their plans.

Masuya further requested the ministry to release their overall strategy on social security reform to the public, including information about the postponement of the tax hike and a new set of policy measures to be decided upon in December, as soon as possible.

“The increasing lack of human resources in the medical and social welfare fields is a serious issue that requires drastic measures,” he said, pushing for the government to revise its approach to ensuring adequate labor in the sector.