Yamaguchi comments on Trump’s visit, Japan-US ties

November 7 , 2017

Yamaguchi addresses the press at the Diet building on Nov. 6Yamaguchi addresses the press at the Diet building on Nov. 6

Komeito Chief Representative Natsuo Yamaguchi addressed members of the press on November 6, commenting on US President Donald Trump’s first visit to Japan and his meeting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that afternoon. Yamaguchi characterized discussions between the two leaders as “very positive” and “energetic,” while stressing the need to strengthen cooperation with China and Russia to resolve the North Korea issue.

Yamaguchi also noted that now that a new Indo-Pacific strategic framework is in place, closer ties among nations in the Asia-Pacific region can be expected, which should prove a boon to regional economic development and security with the inclusion of an economically ascendant India.