Komeito-LDP coalition retains firm control in Lower House race

October 23 , 2017

Eight of nine Komeito candidates running in single-seat election districts won in the House of Representatives election held on Sunday, October 22. Another 21 candidates were voted into office on the proportional representation ballot, securing a total of 29 seats—a decline from the party's pre-election strength of 35 seats.

Isamu Ueda, running as the incumbent in the No. 6 Kanagawa district, lost his seat.

In a statement released on Monday, October 23, Komeito thanked all its supporters for coming out to vote despite the inclement weather caused by a major typhoon. While conceding that Komeito fell short of its goal to secure the same number of seats before the election, the party believes that voters have endorsed the coalition government in which it is partnered with the Liberal Democratic Party—which posted an impressive victory in the latest poll—as well as the coalition’s policies for the economy, social services and national security.

Komeito, the statement noted, will analyze the factors that contributed to the party’s election setback and make the necessary changes to remedy what and where it was found lacking. It also reaffirmed Komeito’s commitment to such key policy objectives as easing the cost of education for dependents, while further improving and augmenting Japan’s social security services.