Easing the burden of education costs

September 29 , 2017

At a press conference held on September 28 at the national Diet building, Komeito’s Policy Research Council Chair Noritoshi Ishida announced that easing the burden on education costs would be a central agenda of their policy platform toward the upcoming House of Representatives elections.

The four pillars of their platform are: 1) easing the burden of education costs; 2) initiatives for further economic growth; 3) realizing a government that develops human capital; 4) strengthening measures toward disaster control and reconstruction.

In terms of easing education costs, Komeito announced that it would work toward covering education costs for children aged 0 to 5 and enable students from households earning less then 5.9 million yen a year to attend private high school for free. In addition, they also outlined a reduced tax rate for low-income earners when the consumption tax rises to 10%, additional funding support to retirees and easing premiums for nursing care insurance.

“We will keep stressing the fact that investing in people is the way toward a better future,” said Ishida.