Toward sound and transparent fiscal management of the party

September 23 , 2017

Recognizing that state subsidies to political parties come from the taxpayers’ money, Komeito remains steadfast in its strict compliance with the aims of the party’s subsidy program, ensuring that its use of finances does not betray the public’s trust. Based on stipulated regulations, we hereby disclose the party’s 2016 financial statement:

Komeito received a total of 3.518 billion yen (9.9742 million more than the previous year) in 2016. With additional carry-over funds and earned interest, the total amounted to 5.347 billion yen.

The breakdown of the costs are as follows: 1.718 billion yen (55.9% of the total amount) toward operating expenses such as salaries and administrative costs; 841.1 million yen (27.4 % of the total) toward advertising, surveys and research for organizational activities; 513.6 million yen (16.7% of the total) toward election campaign-related activities, including the national election campaign. A total of 3.726 billion yen was spent, with 2.274 billion yen carried over to the following year.

Public trust in governance is a basic democratic principle, and as such, making government funding, especially subsidies to political parties, sound and transparent is a solid requirement.