Komeito issues party statement on North Korea’s nuclear tests

September 4 , 2017

Komeito’s North Korean crisis management team issued an official party statement in response to North Korea’s firing of a ballistic missile over Japanese territory and its subsequent nuclear test conducted at 12:31pm on September 3. Noting that “North Korea’s actions ... seriously compromised the peace and security of the Asia Pacific region including Japan and the international society at large,” the statement describes the actions as signaling “a grave and immediate threat on an entirely new level that is utterly unacceptable.”

Citing multiple bilateral and international agreements that North Korea violated in testing a nuclear weapon, Komeito urged Pyongyang to refrain “from any more cowardly behavior that only serves to further isolate itself from the rest of the world.”

The statement called on the North Korean government to restore international safeguards on its nuclear power program as well as for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. “Toward that end, we once again strongly press for North Korea to discard their existing nuclear ballistic missile program in a verifiable and irreversible manner.”

Despite the gravity of the crisis, Komeito urged the five principal nations—the United States, China, South Korea, Russia and Japan—to “reward an action with an action” and to use “this opportunity” in order to bring about a comprehensive solution to the outstanding issues with North Korea.

“To ensure the peace and security of Japan and the safety of its citizens,” the statement concluded, “the government must continue to remain on maximum alert,” stepping up its information gathering and analysis capabilities in an effort to better read North Korea’s future moves and provide timely and appropriate information to the public.