Yamaguchi: More pressure on North Korea needed for a diplomatic resolution

September 1 , 2017

Yamaguchi at a press conference at party headquarters on Aug. 31Yamaguchi at a press conference at party headquarters on Aug. 31

At a press conference held on August 31, Komeito Chief Representative Natsuo Yamaguchi expressed his views regarding North Korea’s actions including their recent firing of a ballistic missile that passed over Japanese territory. “If the members of the UN Security Council do not increase pressure on North Korea based on their sanction resolution, a diplomatic resolution to the conflict will not be possible,” he said.

Yamaguchi added: “Even if we were to call for dialogue with North Korea, it is clear they have no intention of engaging in such talks at the present. We must consider imposing stricter sanctions if we are to change their views. The most effective way to intensify pressure would be an oil embargo, but it is important for the international community to first consider the impact of such a move and collectively agree upon the matter.”

In terms of garnering support from Russia, which has strong ties to North Korea, Yamaguchi said he would personally raise the matter with Russian officials, exchanging views on the issue and requesting their cooperation during his visit to the nation from September 12.

Regarding UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s visit to Japan, Yamaguchi hoped it would serve as a good opportunity to seek support from the British to ensure Japanese businesses in the UK are not hurt by Brexit and to request their further cooperation with regards to the North Korean crisis.