Yamaguchi to visit Russia in September

August 25 , 2017

Yamaguchi speaks to the press on Aug. 24Yamaguchi speaks to the press on Aug. 24

On August 24, at a press conference held at the Komeito headquarters in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Chief Representative Natsuo Yamaguchi announced that he would be visiting Russia from September 12 to 18, together with Komeito International Affairs Bureau Director and House of Representatives member Kiyohiko Toyama and Komeito House of Councilors Policy Council Director Kanae Yamamoto. It will be Komeito’s fifth official visit to the nation and the first since November 2006.

The visit is aimed at supporting Russia and Japan move forward with the agreements they have made, including carrying out joint economic activities in the Northern Territories and enabling travel by former islanders to visit their ancestral graves (in islands Japan lost to the Soviet Union in 1945). Regarding the purpose of the visit, Yamaguchi explained, “As [a member of] the ruling coalition, it’s important that our party promotes intergovernmental activities and helps strengthen mutual understanding between the governments, legislators and citizens of the two nations.”

Touching upon Komeito’s history of supporting exchanges between Russia and Japan, Yamaguchi stated that the party’s role will only grow increasingly important and that he looked forward to continue strengthening ties with the country not just in terms of economics and politics but also in education, culture and a wide range of fields in society.