Running a student-oriented scholarship system

August 5 , 2017

Komeito members met with JSSO representatives in Tokyo on Aug. 4Komeito members met with JSSO representatives in Tokyo on Aug. 4

On August 4, Tomoko Ukishima, secretary-general of Komeito’s project team for the promotion of scholarships, and other party members met with Katsuhiro Endo, who chairs the Japan Student Services Organization (JSSO), and other representatives of the group at their Ichigaya office in Shinjuku, Tokyo. They discussed how best to manage the scholarship program from a student-oriented perspective.

At the meeting, Chairperson Endo reported that with the newly established scholarship program—which Komeito has consistently lobbied for and which will go into effect from this fiscal year—and its added benefits should lead to a significant rise in the number of scholarship-related inquiries. He explained that training sessions for staff to support students with scholarships were being carried out and experts in the field were also being dispatched to high schools and other such institutions in order to ensure that those involved received the correct information regarding the changes. “We will continue to do our best to make sure that parents and students do not receive incorrect information regarding the scholarships,” he said, reporting the administrative challenges of adjusting to an expanded scholarships system, including insufficient storage space for documents.

Ukishima pledged Komeito’s support for the JSSO and to redouble her efforts toward creating a management regime that ensured students received the support they needed.