Tomin Fasuto, Komeito score big in Tokyo assembly race

July 2 , 2017

All 23 Komeito candidates running in the single-chamber Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election held on Sunday, July 2, were voted into office, making it the second largest political party in the assembly (tied with the Liberal Democratic Party). The biggest winner was Tokyo Tomin Fasuto no Kai (Metropolitan Citizens First Association) led by Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike. The Tomin Fasuto and Komeito agreed to support each other in the election, running on a common policy platform of administrative transparency, fiscal austerity and a range of progressive social service objectives. The partnership came about in March when Gov. Koike approached Komeito, seeking the latter’s help in the assembly as well as cooperation in the election. As a result, the Tomin Fasuto-Komeito partnership secured an outright majority in the 127-seat Tokyo assembly, deposing the LDP. The LDP was the largest caucus in the assembly since 2013, but lost the most seats on Sunday. While Komeito had previously partnered with the LDP, the two parties disagreed over such initiatives as a tuition exemption for private high schools and a sweeping 20% pay cut for Tokyo assembly members, which Komeito had been lobbying as an austerity measure. However, senior officials of both parties insist that local differences will not undermine the current LDP-Komeito coalition government operating on the national level. The latest coup signals the seventh straight Tokyo election in which every candidate fielded by Komeito was voted into office.