Ahead of Tokyo assembly race, Komeito aims to assume key role in major reforms

June 28 , 2017

Takagi addressed the foreign press on Jun. 26Takagi addressed the foreign press on Jun. 26

On June 26, Yosuke Takagi of Komeito’s Tokyo Headquarters addressed members of the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan (FCCJ), fielding questions about the party’s stance in regards to the upcoming Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly elections slated for July 2.

The election will determine whether and how the assembly can proceed with major reform in Tokyo, said Takagi, referring to the platform set forth by Governor Yuriko Koike, whose party Tomin Fasuto no Kai (Metropolitan Citizens First Association) is partnering with Komeito. The governor has expressed high expectations for Komeito to play a central role in these reforms, he added.

Takagi also stressed that the key to actualizing major reform in Tokyo will be to ensure that the voices of the 13 million citizens of the city are carefully brought to fore in the decision-making process. In that regard, Komeito, whose strength lies in its strong network of local and national legislators, is the party most suited to reflecting the needs of the public in government, he said.