Promoting educational and cultural exchange with the Middle East

April 12 , 2017

Yamaguchi met with Kuwaiti Ambassador Al-Otaibi and other Middle East ambassadors in Tokyo on Apr. 11Yamaguchi met with Kuwaiti Ambassador Al-Otaibi (front and center) and other Middle East ambassadors in Tokyo on Apr. 11

On April 11, Komeito Chief Representative Natsuo Yamaguchi attending a meeting hosted by the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Tokyo, where he met with ambassadors of the Middle East to Japan and discussed the state of world affairs and Japan’s relations with the Arab nations.

In his welcome speech, Kuwaiti Ambassador Abdul-Rahman Al-Otaibi spoke out against the terrorist attacks in Egypt on April 9. He maintained that the people of the region are a tolerant people who do not inherently resort to violence. In terms of advancing diplomatic ties with Japan, he hoped for the two nations to increase exchanges and cooperation in such fields as education and culture.

Yamaguchi expressed his heartfelt condolences to Ambassador Ismail Khairat of Egypt and stressed the importance of Japan working in solidarity with Arab nations to put a stop to terrorism. He also stated his hopes for furthering cooperation with the nations for the peace, security and economic progress of the Middle East. As a party that champions peace and humanitarian issues, Komeito will strive to deepen Japan’s relations with the Middle East, including educational and cultural exchange, he said.