Komeito released an appeal for peace, on the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII

August 15 , 2015

Uphold the pacifist principles of the Constitution toward a world without nuclear weapons

Today, August 15, marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.

Over 3 million Japanese citizens lost their lives during the war. Adopting erroneous national policies, Japan inflicted enormous suffering and loss upon people of many countries, particularly those in Asia, through colonial domination and military invasion.

We would like to take this occasion to mourn the lives of all the victims, to extend heartfelt sympathies to their families and express our empathy with those who continue to suffer from the deep wounds of war.

August 15 is a day for renewing our pledge to renounce war and to work for peace. It is imperative that we make greater efforts to keep the memories of war alive, to convey to future generations the atrocity of war and preserve those sites that convey the reality of wartime experience. We must etch in our hearts the lessons to be learned from the war that ended seven decades ago. 

Japan must never go to war again! — This was the sentiment of the people of Japan who rose from the ruins of war in the summer of 1945. The Constitution of Japan expresses a firm resolution to pursue lasting peace. It is under this Constitution that Japan has followed a path of pacifism and international cooperation, upholding liberty and human rights and fostering democracy in the post-war era. With pride in Japan’s post-war path, Komeito will make utmost efforts to convey messages of peace to the world.

To realize a peaceful world, tenacious diplomacy based in reality is essential. Seamless security arrangements are required to advance such diplomacy. Deliberations on a new set of security bills are underway at the Diet. The aim of the legislation is to build a framework that prevents conflict from arising and precludes war in Japan’s increasingly severe security environment, while maintaining the pacifist principles of the Constitution and a defense-only policy.

Peace arises from mutual trust. It is important to foster in people’s hearts empathic sensitivity to others and their suffering. Dialogue, cultural and youth exchange must be promoted toward this end.

It was hoped that the 21st century would be a peaceful, humanitarian century. But there is ceaseless antagonism and conflict throughout the world.  Proliferation of nuclear weapons threatens the survival of humankind.

Komeito believes that it is crucial to promote human security through concrete measures to free people from the structural violence that leads to war, such as poverty, starvation, oppression and discrimination. This is the path to creating a world without war.

It is also the party’s belief that Japan must maintain the Three Non-Nuclear Principles as the only country in the world that experienced atomic bombings, and demonstrate leadership toward a world without nuclear weapons. Komeito will resolutely engage in efforts to abolish nuclear weapons based on our view that they are an absolute evil.

On this day commemorating the end of war in 1945, Komeito renews our sense of mission and responsibility, and pledges to work wholeheartedly to help make Japan a country that contributes to peace in Asia and the international community.

August 15, 2015