Ueda reveals flaws in JRP security proposal

July 11 , 2015

Ueda pointed out flaws in opposition party proposals on security on Jul. 10Ueda pointed out flaws in opposition party proposals on security on Jul. 10

Isamu Ueda, a Komeito member of the House of Representatives, asked for clarification from the opposition Japan Restoration Party (JRP) regarding its counter-proposal to the government’s bill at a special Lower House committee on peace and security session held on Friday, July 10.

Ueda pointed out that the JRP proposal was in fact essentially the same as the government’s interpretation of collective self-defense as stipulated under international law, which would enable Japan’s Self-Defense Force (JSDF) to respond to an armed attack against a closely allied country that is determined to be endangering the survival of Japan. Sakihito Ozawa of the JRP conceded Ueda’s point.

Ueda also noted that the JRP proposal would not allow the use of JSDF force to protect assets and weapons of the U.S. and other military forces during an armed conflict. He explained that the government’s desire to revise the Self-Defense Forces Law was due to the fact that the current law will not allow such protective measures while Japan and the U.S. are jointly engaged in early warning and surveillance and information gathering activities. The legal resolution of this issue, he said, “is vital for the maintenance and reinforcement of mutual trust” between the U.S. and Japan.