New Declaration

We, the members of New Komeito, have undergone a half-century in parliamentary politics and excelled for seven years in coalition government. We thus stand united, our solidarity stronger than ever and fully resolved to shoulder the shared future of Japan and the world in the 21 st century, and issue the following Declaration of Principles:

Enduring Roots

New Komeito will forever remain rooted to its founding mandate: To engage our fellow citizens in dialogue, to share in their struggles, and to live out our lives among them. This, we maintain, serves as a wellspring of unlimited courage, strength and wisdom, and marks the essence of democracy. By identifying with this mandate, we return to its basic premise—that New Komeito must serve as the pillar of Japan, that we constantly strive to better ourselves, and that we never waver as a party of integrity and justice.

We live in an era in which the pace and magnitude of change is increasing. Japan and the world stand on the threshold of sweeping changes, with the course of this century likely to be decided in the next five years. New Komeito will always stand on the side of our fellow citizens, acting on their behalf and carrying out reforms, to build a broad foundation upon which victory for all people may be achieved.

Empowering Humanity

So that Japan can recapture its dynamism and strike out upon a sustainable course of development, New Komeito, based on truly humanistic principles, is committed to the creation of a society in which people remain its central focus, so that they, along with their respective communities, may truly flourish.

We hold that every individual is unique and that his or her potential aptitude, creativity and talent — or the “power of humanity” — is boundless. A nation's real strength lies in nurturing in people this power and enabling its expression to the fullest, and that, in turn, will serve as a basis for continuous innovation and cultural creativity. New Komeito will engage in every initiative for reform based on this perspective.

A More Proactive and United World

The circle of human activity is fanning ever outward, from the family to community, the nation to world. While valuing our respective communities, New Komeito will advance the larger interests of humanity, fostering through dialogue an ethos of coexistence and tolerance, to transform this century into an era of peace, humanitarian action and solidarity. It is our task to ensure that Japan, based on the principles of “soft power,” will fulfill its role and responsibility in leading the world toward a superlative century of humanism.

To resolve the increasingly problematic global issues of our day, New Komeito will lead in the global effort, centered on the United Nations, to safeguard human rights and promote human development, human security, sustainable development, and inter-civilizational dialogue. In addition, we will reinforce the bonds of mutual trust and understanding between Japan and the international community, expand and enhance the foundations for coexistence and integration in Asia, and serve as a bridge linking people throughout the Pacific.


Politics bereft of philosophy and principles induces turmoil and impels a nation upon a path to ruin. No political party can sustain itself if alienated from common citizens and their real-world needs. Founded on firmly rooted insights and principles, New Komeito remains fully committed to manifold initiatives for reform, which it will enact upon the securing of a broad base of public approval, agreement and cooperation.

The Sixth National Convention

September 30, 2006