Cooperate for genuine future-oriented approach

May 18 , 2019

Yamaguchi welcomes South Korean Ambassador Nam Gwan Pyo on May 17Yamaguchi welcomes South Korean Ambassador Nam Gwan Pyo (right) on May 17

Komeito Chief Representative Natsuo Yamaguchi welcomed His Excellency Nam Gwan Pyo, newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Japan, at the party headquarters on May 17 to discuss ways to advance bilateral relations.

In the meeting, Ambassador Nam stated that, as the principal representative of South Korea in Japan at a time when the two countries are locked in numerous disagreements, he bears a heavy responsibility to better ties, which he was sure was an aspiration shared by people in both countries. Citing the fact that than ten million Japanese and Koreans visit each other’s country every year, he expressed his desire to improve the political situation so that they will have the opportunity to strengthen friendship. Yamaguchi agreed, noting that a number of exchange initiatives led by youth and ordinary citizens are taking root, signaling relations are improving on a grassroots level. The Komeito chief said he will work to expand pathways for further progress based on a truly future-oriented perspective.

In response, Ambassador Nam said it was essential for the two countries as neighibors to engage one another in peace and goodwill. He called on Komeito to exercise the political leadership to steer bilateral relations to more constructive levels, saying he was counting on the party’s support.

Yamaguchi also urged that their countries cooperate in denuclearizing the Korean peninsula and striving for the peace and stability of the East Asian region as a whole.